About Us
We are
Koe Modern Media

We aren’t your typical marketing choice, we actually want you to get more customers. That’s the whole point of marketing, right?
From conversion centered websites to SEO, Facebook Ads, and PPC we only provide the services that we believe will explode your customer base.

Conversion centered
Our conversion centered websites and landing pages are guaranteed to get you more customers.
Search Engine Optimization isn’t optional anymore. The web is extremely competitive, take the leap.
Explode your business with Facebook Ads / PPC. We offer free trials and an ROI guarantee, or your money back.
Why choose us
It is our specialty to grow businesses in the digital era.
You have a business to run, we have businesses to grow.
Communication is key, you've probably heard that before. Any successful project requires communication from both sides.
We prioritize services that will most help your business grow in the digital era. We WANT you to make money.
We can nearly guarantee success with projects. Our process and testing methods allow us to NOT run campaigns into the ground.
our process
The process is what sets our company apart from others. It guarantees success.

We need to understand everything about your business for maximum growth. Knowing your goals as a business and understanding what your audience wants out of you is extremely important.


Surprisingly, primary execution is NOT the most important aspect to growing your business. It is important, but doing the same thing over and over won’t get you anywhere. Einstein called this insanity.


Testing is the most important part of our process, it practically guarantees amazing results for every business we work with. If something isn’t working, do you quit altogether? Of course not, you test and refine.

We love our clients and they love us, why? Because we get results.
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Skip Jones
Caveman Printing & Apparel

After just a month of SEO services, our website traffic has been increasing steadily. We have new customers coming in almost daily saying they found us on Google.

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Daniel Alan

We struggled with our online sales for a bit. After hiring you guys our business took a HUGE U-turn and we have actually started making a profit. You guys rock!!

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Mitch Walker
Mattress Guru

We came to you guys for a website and you delivered! We had high expectations but you easily surpassed them. Thank you.