The Best Way To Scale Your Local Business With Advertisements

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Scale your business with ads

As a teen I worked for a print shop that had a very diverse customer base. All customers ordered the same thing: business cards, flyers, vehicle graphics, and shirts. They called this the “Small Business Starter Pack.”

While studying direct response marketing and advertising, I always ended up asking myself how much of a return these businesses got from their marketing efforts. These were unpredictable ways of acquiring new customers, people in the biz would categorize this as “general advertising,” AKA not being able to pinpoint their exact ROI.

What if I told you there was a way to:

  • Accurately predict your customer growth
  • Scale that customer growth by “feeding the machine”
  • Scale return on investment with that customer growth
In comes facebook ads

DISCLAIMER: Facebook ads work, period. With that, every business model/industry needs a different strategy. If you are interested in finding out if Facebook ads will work for your business, contact us or apply for a strategy session.

How are Facebook Ads able to scale your business like this? Simple, once you have tested an ad and know that it will bring you a return on your investment you can continue to scale and test. The hard part is getting the ad to pull a return in the first place.

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The secret to facebook ads for local businesses

In order for Facebook Ads to work, you need to understand how your customer base works. Once you have a solid buyer persona (an in depth description of your average customer) it becomes much easier to target them and spark their emotions to make them buy your product or service.

Here is the secret formula to Facebook Ads for local businesses.

Target broad audiences. Start with ONLY demographics or broad targeting (I.E. If you run a yoga studio, target the “Yoga” interest).
Create multiple ads and split your budget between them. Then, change your budget accordingly when certain ads start doing better than others.
Continue to **TEST** and scale your budget. The better you know how to test, the better your ROI will be. Testing can be a full-time job in itself.
Seek expert help

ventually, you will have to hire expert help. If you have gotten to the point where you need to focus on running your business, then you are in a great spot. Most of the businesses we speak with have already gotten to a point where they do not have time to learn or implement Facebook Ads on their own.

This is where we come in. If you are looking to scale your local business, apply for a strategy session below. We offer half-off your first month of service. If we don’t bring you a predetermined number of leads, you get a full refund on service charges. What are you waiting for?

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